Monday, January 25, 2016

Gotta Wear Your Parents Boots

I was up on my elliptical exercising, when my daughter came out of my closest in my boots. I didn't want to stop my momentum on the elliptical so I asked her before she ruined them to put them back. Of course, because I didn't physically chase after her, she didn't listen and proceeded down the stairs in them and paraded around the house.

After my exercise, I went downstairs to see her playing with Khaleesi. She was playing tug and falling over more easily than usual, because she was still in my boots.

She insisted on photos. And one with her tongue out.

Since I took photos to her delight, she took the boots off and promptly took them upstairs back to my room, not quite to the closet.

But I must say, like daughter - like mother.

I paraded around in my parent's boots too!

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