Friday, January 22, 2016

Getting Through January

Well, there's not much to report. We've been very busy, do our day-to-day activities. Nothing special.

Ashton's been doing well in her cast. No complaints. She just has trouble opening the doggy gates. But she's doing things just fine.

Last night we made Star Wars jello molds together. We've had a lot of snuggle time since it's been cold.

She was able to still do her tumbling class (they did trampolines instead of bars). Violin is on short hiatus. And she should be able to do some of her Chinese dance. So a small modification, but nothing bad.

Ashton really wants to go on roller coasters this year. So she's been focusing on growing. She asks all the time if this or this food will help her grow fast. She wants to hit 44" so she can ride most of the roller coasters that exist. She's 38.5". That's a lot of growing. We told her she can try to grow as much as she can, but if she doesn't make it, that's okay. I don't even know if we'll do any roller coasters with her or not yet this year. We'll have to see how the year unfolds.

But at least she's now 30 lbs. That's a milestone! She is growing, just not at the rate she'd like.
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