Sunday, January 10, 2016

First Snow of Season

We've had a bit of snowfall, but only a dusting. It's mainly been rain. Now, we have accumulated some snow, much to Ashton's delight. She begged to go outside the moment she saw there was nothing but whiteness outside.

She bundled up quickly, ready to play. She was telling us remembering the last snow and hitting her Daddy with a snowball.

She played a good long time. She couldn't wait to make snowballs and throw them at her Dad.

However, she wanted to pull her car out and drive all over the snow. She learned pretty quickly, that driving her little beetle in the snow was a no go!

This is her after shot. By the time she focused on me having her picture taken, most of the snow fell off of her. But she had fun.

She warmed up with some hot chocolate and ran out again to play some more. She loves to be outside no matter the weather. She's been begging to go snowboarding. I don't think she even knows what it is. But she wants it, because it's something to do outside.

We never got around to sledding, but I'm sure there's many more days of snow to fit that in.

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