Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Normal Day... or so We Thought

So, it was a typical day as far as Saturdays go. I mopped the floors while Ashton played Infinity. She was in great spirits. 

Of course being silly and playful. It was a gorgeous day. We ended up seeing friends for dinner and stopping by Target for a short while.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Ashton had a late night and went to bed. But wasn't settling down. I asked her why. She said she was itchy. I told her to come to me. She wasn't sleeping in PJs, she was only in her pullup. And she had bump patches in various areas.

Under her chin, both sides of her tummy, her armpit and starting the in back of her knee. It was crazy. And she itched so badly. I called for her daddy. We checked her out and was curious if she was getting chicken pox or an allergic reaction. We had no idea. But after a quick discussion, decided to give her benadryl.

Almost immediately the bumps disappeared. It was crazy. No new shampoos, food, anything we can think of. It was just crazy and weird. 

And here she is minutes later happy as can be. Not itching and ready to go to sleep. And for the first time she fell asleep fast! I just hate not knowing! 

We've gotten lots of advice of what others think it could be from hives, to measles, to hand and foot, to allergic reaction. All sound. But no other aliments, no new things she's been around and no fever. It's just strange... and scary. I asked Ashton if it was scary and she said no. I said why, and she said because we were with her. She's so sweet!

I fear if and when it could pop back up. I hope to get answers, but don't know.

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