Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 in Review

2015 came to a close. Usually each New Year's Eve we go to a party. We could again, but we've been running around, we preferred a night at home, just us, just hanging out together - nothing special. It was very nice, very low key, very needed.

In 2015 we see our toddler slowly blossoming into a young girl! Here are the highlights!

March -  More Trouble

April - Easter

July - 4th of July

August - CCAI Picnic

October - Pumpkin Patch

November - Haircut

December -Violin Recital

This year in summary was busy, but good. We took many trips, one family trip and several adoption related trips. It was all amazing! Ashton is still working on being potty trained overnight. But she's good otherwise. She loves to hum and sing nonsense songs. She loves playing Disney's Invity Toy Box on the Xbox 360. Her favorite movies are "Big Hero 6", "The Croods", "Inside Out". She loves Star Wars, but is more into the Lego cartoon. She is still doing violin, tumbling, and Chinese dance. Her most common sayings are "Aww, man!",  "I've got a cute butt.", "Oli-oli-oli-oli", and "I don't wanna go to bed!". She loves board games, puzzles, anything with wheels, playing in any weather, not sleeping, and snuggling, and trying to help - cleaning, cooking, you name it. She's asked that she wants to grow her hair out. No more short hair. Hopefully that means no surprise haircut from her again in the future. We'll see what happens in 2016. 
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