Sunday, December 6, 2015

Violin Recital

Ashton had her violin recital today. She got to play her 1/64 violin one last time. She was awesome.

Of course "Jingle Bells" is a staple. And she got to ring some bells for the song, just like last year.

Her Godparents came to watch!

As well as LauLau and Uncle J.

For a job well done we went to the Children's Museum and saw Santa! She has been asking to see him for 2 weeks straight. She was such a lady with him. 

We of course had to do a carousel ride.

Then she and her Daddy raced down the Yule Slide. Ashton won.

On the way out Daddy wanted his photo taken under the Tie Fighter. It was massive!

Ashton loved her down time at the Museum. Would love more down time together like this. Hope we can soon!
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