Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Truth In the Tinsel Year Two: Day One - Candle

So having our backdoor project go on all month, we're a bit behind and are scrambling to get Christmas up and going.

So today being December 1st, we had 2 advent calendars to set up, Ashton's Truth in the Tinsel tree to get up, her nativity set and other fun items for Christmas.

Well, we got her tree up, but haven't located the bow topper yet. We got the advent calendars up and her nativity is out, but not displayed yet. So we're getting there.

Ashton was all about the Christmas carols today.

She's been singing Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, and other carols. 

But despite the chaos, we got her Truth in the Tinsel project underway. I don't know how much she absorbed as all she kept asking was to color. I'd ask her questions and explain how Jesus was the light, but again, just excited about Christmas coming out. I'm sure there will be a few that will stick with her.

Last year, we did colored pencils. This year is markers. We;ll see how it goes. I'm hoping we'll get more done slowly over the week. I'm excited to see it all come out. But exhausted at the thought of getting it all together and up.

Not Ashton, she's ready and continually asks if she can help and get it all out. She really wants to put the ornaments on the family tree.

Point of note, Ashton hates to wear pajamas. See has pretty much all year. She usually sleeps in just a pull up. But I've gotten her to sleep in her fox pajama bottoms because they're soft. Sometimes she'll wear the shirt initially, but throughout the night it comes off.

This particular night she chose her Chinese pajamas, which I haven't seen her wear since before her famous hair cut. She put it on herself, but needed help with the buttons. She was so cute about it. I loved that she wanted to wear it. Of course by the time she was asleep the top came off. But that doesn't matter. I loved that she wanted to wear her Chinese pjs.

I think though our December is not off to it's official start with everything in place, it's still going to rock and be a fun one!
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