Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Meeting the New Puppy

So we went over to LauLau's house today. Why, because she got a new puppy today. She hasn't named him yet. He is a Tibetan Spaniel. 

Oh, and he is SUPER soft! He loves to give a few kisses, doesn't mind being held and like to be around people and play with squeaky toys.

We have 2 Tibbies ourselves, Dawson and Skylar. LauLau had Kai-Li which was Skylar's sister until August when she passed. Luckily, we got to say goodbye to her on a good day.

The visit went very well. Ashton loved playing with him and he seems to love chasing her when she had his toys. 

Ashton wants him to be named Jingle, even though that's not on the list of possible names. So she's calling him Jingle anyhow.

He seems to have blended very well with his new home already. And we'll see if his new doggie roommate, Shi Ming the Pekingese, and he will be new BFFs or just tolerate each other. Right now it a few tail wags and missed play opportunities on both sides. And it looks like the new pup is wanting to be the dominate dog. We shall see.

We are very excited for future visits with the pup.
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