Monday, December 14, 2015

Irish Girl

Tonight we went out to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend of ours. We know him and his wife from our theater days. We've been so busy with our little toddler, that we haven't been at our community theater as much as we used to So we were glad to make the trip out tonight.

Here she is in her car seat looking stinking cute. They went to Ireland over the summer and got Ashton a sweater and kilt and hat while there. She looks great in it!

They celebrated at a restaurant with about 15 other friends. We had a great time and they were happy to see them and other theater friends of ours.

Ashton ate a salad and something off the kids' menu. But most of the time she was up and down and entertaining the folks around her. Here she's wearing her daddy's glasses. She insisted I photograph her!

Though it's hard to eat out with a toddler, it was a fun night. I can't wait until the ants in the pants can sit down through a whole meal.
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