Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas over at Grandma's House

Every year we have a day that we spend a family Christmas at Grandma's house We have a meal we share and play the white elephant gift exchange. This year my brother got to join in and Ashton's new baby cousin Mr. L.

There is now a boy grandchild on this side of the family! With all girls Mr. L is such a blessing! His older sister is holding him.

Ashton was very happy to be with Miss E. These two cousins have a special bond. Miss E is holding Ashton.

All the grandkids or cousins together! It was so hard to get them all to look up and smile!

Now here is us four cousins together. My brother and two cousins!

We got Grandma to join in!

I was disappointed not to get all the families to take group photos, (like my mom with her sisters and husbands and my Godmother) but at least I got us kids and the little ones in photos together. And as Grandma and my mom and brother will spend Christmas over at our place I hope to get more photos of Ashton with them and us all together soon! But regardless of photos, it's always nice to have the family together. 

Just wish I could do this as often with my father's side of the family. But they're all spread out all over the country. Hopefully, one day soon.

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