Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Dinner with the Godparents

I hate that we forgot to take photos while visiting the Godparents. I'm really disappointed about that. But more importantly we spent time together and had fun. So, in lieu of photos there, I have a snapshot of her little smirk I love and from today.

This blog is a love letter to my child, for her and about her and what we went to get her and how she grew up. So it's not perfect and it's not always written as eloquently as I'd like, but it's definitely 100% me to her. And today was a great chapter in this life.

Her Godparents astound me. She has two set of Godparents. One is my BFF in Finland and her husband. My hubby and I are Godparents to their children as they are ours. We try so hard to stay connected though time differences and schedules and being so far away. But they're awesome and we Skype as much as we can and both our girls can't wait to meet someday. Then there is Ashton's other set of Godparents that lives here and are just as amazing! They are so involved with her life and they don't have to be. They aren't family - they're good friends, but chose to be family to us and to her anyway.

They go visit her at daycare and bring donuts. They go to her violin recitals. They celebrate her Gotcha anniversaries. They have us over for Christmas. They celebrate her birthdays. And all the little events and moments in between. They're so good to her.

Tonight we went for the annual Christmas dinner. They're children were there as well. This is them from last year.

Anyhow, they made Ashton's favorites for dinner. Then we had cupcakes for dessert. We forgot our Christmas Game, which is a huge tradition to play in my family. So we promised to rejoin for a game night soon. Then came presents. Ashton was tickled with her puzzles and clothes and tea set. She had a great time. They got down on the floor with her and play tea and helped with teh puzzles and let her run around like the monkey she is.

Of course on of her favorite things to do there is play with their dog, Rita! And Rita just adores her and us. It's a fun time.

But by the end of our visit she curled up with Mr. J and said how tired she was. Tired? My girl? tired? Really? Was this a ploy, and if so, for what? So we went home. She crashed hard not long after.

I'm so thankful that Mr. J and Miss J have encircled our family as they have and consider us as their own. We are so thankful to have amazing friends like them and I'm so glad Ashton has them in her life.

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