Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas at the Zoo

It's been said that the lights at the zoo are a sight to see. We've never gone. But today's weather was so mild, it was hard to beat. We had to go check it out.

But of course Ashton wanted to ride the train. It always costs to ride the train, so we've done it maybe once or twice ever. But tonight, we thought why not! Ashton was thrilled. We had to wait a long time. Everyone thought to ride the train too. Ashton took turns from sitting on the handle bars to daddy or I holding her.

Once we got on the train, Ashton rode with me, while Daddy sat behind us.

There were 2 trains running. A red one and green one. Naturally, Ashton loved the green one, which is the one we got to ride. So we snapped a few quick shots of her by it.

There was a lot to see, but not all the pictures came out. But here are a few cute ones.

There was a small line for people to take their photos by this lit tree. Everyone would pass their phone to the person behind in line to take the shot.

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