Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ashton Referral & Re-Adoption Anniversary

It's hard to believe but exactly 3 years ago I saw a beautiful baby's photo on the internet and asked for her file and wondered if this was our child. I saw my baby girl's face for the very first time. Our world was forever changed that magical, blessed day.

Then a year later (which is two years' ago) we re-adopted our girl. We didn't have to, but we knew that by doing so things in her life would be easier as far as paperwork was concerned. And we were more than happy to do it, and it was rather easy. Especially compared to adoption. If you can adopt, re-adoption is a breeze and totally worth it.

So today we have much to celebrate! We have the daughter we dreamed of. We have the little girl we saw in a handful of photos. We have an amazing young girl who we can call our own. And we're crazy about her and ever so grateful!

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