Friday, December 25, 2015

A Very Busy Christmas Day

Christmas morning Ashton, my husband, and I got up all at the same time. We were so worried she'd get up way before us. But it worked out well.

I got her dressed and myself, while the hubby cooked breakfast, a rare treat.

I took some quick snapshots. I didn't worry too much, as I knew my husband would take some brilliant ones on his camera. Little did we know that he didn't have SD cards in them so all the shots he took, gone. No internal memory in his camera!

So we opened our stockings first and had breakfast. Ashton wanted to drink out of her new cup she got yesterday from her Aunt D. Instead of a breakfast prayer, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

We then headed to our tree and opened gifts.

She was very excited about a lot of her gifts, but she was also excited to pass out gifts to us. The cute thing when she'd read the tags would she'd say "From Ashton, to Santa". She'd flip her 'from' and 'to' every time. It was neat how she started recognizing our names and Santa's on the tags.

We have a video game called Infinity. It has a toy box mode that Ashton loves to play in. She'll jump around and drive, she has a blast. Well, she loves Disgust from "In and Out", so she got the character to play the Infinity game. Best part is, we love hearing her say the word 'disgust'. It's not just the regular way, she says it so pronounced, it's adorable! So I had to get video of her saying it! It was great!

My mom, Grandma, and brother then came over. We did more present exchanges and more photos (or so we thought).

Then we Skyped with my father and Ashton opened her gifts from Grammy and Grandpy.

Then the six of us headed off to Christmas dinner at Aunt D's.

We ate so much! It was so good! Then we took a ton of photos (again with my hubby's camera with no memory) of the family, his family, my family, all sorts of photos with all different people in them. When it was my Mom's family she asked for some with her camera phone. So these are the only shots we got!

We then headed home for some board games. This time Ashton didn't cry at not winning The Christmas Game. And she enjoyed a visit with Keegan. LauLau's new puppy finally got a name, though Ashton insists on calling him Jingle!

It was a very fun and very busy day! We are very blessed and are thankful for these times with family and a chance to celebrate the birth of our King!

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