Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trying Out Chopsticks

You know, when you're out and about, and people notice your child doing something attention getting, they'll say how cute or smile, but because you hear/see it constantly you no longer see the beauty in it, but just see it as annoying?

Well, my daughter loves to sing. And that'd be well and good, but it's usually jibber jabber. She sings nonsense. She knows actual songs, "Wheels on the Bus", "Row Your Boat", "Twinkle, Twinkle". However, she doesn't want to sing those, she sings nonsense all the time and it drives you crazy. You want actual songs or silence. She does it in the car, while eating, going to bed, while grocery shopping, just constantly.

This time she was doing it while building with her blocks, and it wasn't irritating. It was like any other time, but it was during her playtime not while we were doing other things, so I was able to sit back and enjoy it, like all those strangers that hear it for the first and only time.

It's funny how if you see something often enough and during times you're focusing on something else you can't appreciate it. I've got to learn that she's a kid and she enjoys the present and to do the same myself and know these are fleeting moments. I may not always get the chance to appreciate it while she's playing and I'm on down time. I should take her childhood, her moments of joy, the essence of her as she delivers it and enjoy the present.

It's amazing how when we get older we lose what we were so able to easily do in our childhood. We learn to worry and focus on the past or future, but not so much in the present and enjoy the "distractions" as they come to brighten our day.

We went out into the blistering cold and snow to have Ashton checked for her violin sizing. Her instructor thinks it maybe time she goes up a size. She's currently in a 1/64 and she may go up to a 1/32! It's a big deal to Ashton.

As we were in the shop we had to wait as they tuned and worked on the violin, all before they even lined it up on her arm! We tried to have her practice on it, but she was so distracted with the snow outside, she wasn't much good on focusing on the task at hand. I think it is the right length, but will need to practice as it's thicker too, and that will take some adjustment. She'll only have 2 weeks with her new violin before her Christmas recital. So I wonder if she'll perform with her new violin or her old violin. And as her first violin is SO CUTE and TINY, when it's fully "retired" I plan on shadowboxing it.

Later that night, while we were out and about, we stopped for some food. Ashton was giddy with excitement because we were getting the first snow of the season and it was coming down fast and heavy. It was beautiful, but not sticking too much to the ground - much to her dismay.

While getting the food I noticed that the restaurant had chopstick holders for the kids. I let her pick between yellow or blue. She chose blue. And she dug right on in to her food happily eating with her chopsticks.

I loved watching her eat with her chopsticks for the first time, even if it was correctly.

She had so much fun eating with chopsticks like her daddy. I would have used them too, but they don't do much good with soup. And yes, later on during the dinner she was singing her jibber jabber.

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