Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stunt Girl

Yesterday was pretty cool, but warm enough to spend a little time outside.

Ashton leaped at the chance.

She rode her tricycle for a bit. She "walked" in her skates. But after falling down after three times, she decided she had enough of her skates for one day. And she played on her scooter.

But my girl, of course, doesn't just ride or do anything. She loves to push the limits. Do "tricks".

So I had fun watching Ashton push the limits as four-year-old can.

She rode up and down the sidewalks a bit, then decided to do tricks in our driveway. She first started by showing me she could do it on one leg.

After successfully doing that a few times she then wanted to show me that she could do it with her leg over the handle bar.

She was able to do all these with ease! And she tells me she wants a skateboard! I can just imagine! This girl loves wheels and loves to push the boundaries of EVERYTHING. I am curious to see what will become of my little adventurer.

I love her vitality and independent spirit. Her laughter and enthusiasm are contagious.

And since today is Veteran's Day, at daycare Ashton colored the American flag. I think it's simply beautiful.

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