Monday, November 30, 2015

Moments in November

Thanksgiving was great. Unfortunately, I got no pictures.( And she was in teh cutest fox in a pilgrim hat outfit I'll have to take a photo later and post.) The previous years with Ashton we've had it at home and had LauLau and Grandma over. This year, we did not. Our house is under construction with the back door being replaced, so things are a little off.

We went to Aunt D's house for turkey and then hurried back home to work on the back door. It's been crazy at home. I wanted Christmas up over the Thanksgiving weekend per usual, but I let it go knowing getting a back door was more important. We hope to put up Christmas the following weekend after Ashton's violin recital.

Our weekend project ended up being a month of weekends project. It's awesome, but lots of hurdles.

So all I have to show are moments throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.

Top photo was the night before Thanksgiving. We went out to eat. She was being a little ham.

Here she is Saturday, showing off her two violins. She is so excited about her new violin. We're working on teaching her to hold it properly, as it's a big change from her smaller one.

And here she is singing "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". I kept trying to get the funny part where she goes to say the mama's on the bed and the doctor says , "That's what you get for jumping on the bed". But every time I recorded her singing, she'd just do the proper part rather than her improved one.

Hard to believe that December is tomorrow! It's going to fly by.
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