Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cutting It

So I went back and forth about this decision for awhile. Do I or do I not cut Ashton's hair.

I wouldn't be having this as a dilemma at all if she didn't cut her own hair in February. I would have just kept her hair just as is as far as I know.

But because she did cut it, the chopped short layer is just hitting her ears now. So I could either just let it continue to grow out as is and it still be lopsided. Or I can get it cut and it'd all be even and perfect. But it getting into colder months and not sure if she could pull it off (as it'd be shorter than the chin bob in a way)... I hesitated.

But I prefer to take a chance. So I made the appointment. I made sure to wait after her birthday so she could wear her Izzy pigtails and I waited after Halloween, so people knew she was a girl.

We went back to the stylist who cut her hair in February. She thought the picture I showed her to model it after would work and look cute. So we went to it.

Here is the shot of the hair I took with my camera while in a store. It got me pondering about cutting her hair like that since.

Ashton was great as I moved her about taking photos of her with her hair tousled about. Now her hair is all even and cute! Can't wait to play with it over the weekend to discover new styles.

For a girl that can't sit still, she was perfect while getting her hair cut. She even sat by herself. She was perfect! I was so proud of her. Her moments when she can be so mature surprise and delight me! 

Hopefully, her new cut will be easy to manage after bedhead tomorrow morning. We shall see!
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