Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy Times

So the weekend has been full of many ups and downs. Ashton has been really good and on Friday night we decided to eat out as a family to a sit down restaurant.

Ashton was given a kids menu and we got the adult menus. We ordered soup and salad. Ashton didn't want mac and cheese or a cheeseburger, she wanted a soup and salad just like us. And we know our girl, she loves soup and salad. So we knew she'd eat it. So they got her a soup which was about the price of a kids meal, and then she shared our salad. Then she still got the free kid's dessert. Ice cream over a chocolate chip cookie. Ashton was thrilled.

The strange part was she only took a few bites and said she was full. She didn't even get to the cookie. Knock us over!

She was so good we decided to take her to a kids store for fun. Just to look around.

Well, while there Ashton said she had to go potty. We went and she pooped in her pants. I was so confused. She's never done this in the year she's been potty trained. This was so strange. Luckily it only got all over her pants and underwear and not her skirt. So she just wore the skirt and went commando. We went home and I put her directly to bed for pooping in her pants.

We're still working on the back of our house. So I have to keep especially close dibs on the pets and on her. Well, at the end of the night when it was time for her to go to bed, i helped take off her clothes and noticed she peed her pants. This time I was livid. I didn't understand why she was regressing. She told me she didn't want to leave to go. Not that it was an accident. I just told her I was very disappointed and that this was unacceptable.

Of course that night Ashton doesn't sleep through the night and keeps us up most of the night.

So Sunday she and I go to church. (Hubby is home working on the back, whole other story.) I tell her Sunday school teacher that Ashton has been regressing and if she mentions potty or does a dance, to treat her like she's being potty trained. But if any accidents, get me and I'll take her home.

Once the sermon starts the Sunday school teacher gets me. She said that Ashton had an accident, she tried to make it to the potty but didn't make it. She has diarrhea!

The moment she said that a light bulb went off in my head and my heart sank. So since Friday she's been sick, but I didn't realize it. I thought she was regressing and just doing this kind of on her own. I was even rationalizing thinking she was doing this because of all the construction we're doing to the back door, just stressing her out. But this whole time she had the stomach bug.

I went to get her, she was still on the toilet going. I told her it was okay. An accident and that she was sick. I wasn't disappointed in her and that she was just sick, so we had to go home. That broke her heart. She wanted to play with her friends so badly and not go home.

I gave her soup and lots of fluids. And boy, was she thirsty.But she and I had a great time playing with puzzles, play dough, reading, watching Pup Patrol, and being together.

And just to be safe, I didn't let her go to daycare on Monday. Luckily, my hubby took the day off to continue working on the back door. So he let her hang out with him.

My poor girl! She's trying so hard to be good and go potty like a big girl, and I didn't see it. She didn't understand it. I felt so bad. But at least she and I know now and we're working through it. I can only hope she's better tomorrow!
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