Monday, November 30, 2015

Moments in November

Thanksgiving was great. Unfortunately, I got no pictures.( And she was in teh cutest fox in a pilgrim hat outfit I'll have to take a photo later and post.) The previous years with Ashton we've had it at home and had LauLau and Grandma over. This year, we did not. Our house is under construction with the back door being replaced, so things are a little off.

We went to Aunt D's house for turkey and then hurried back home to work on the back door. It's been crazy at home. I wanted Christmas up over the Thanksgiving weekend per usual, but I let it go knowing getting a back door was more important. We hope to put up Christmas the following weekend after Ashton's violin recital.

Our weekend project ended up being a month of weekends project. It's awesome, but lots of hurdles.

So all I have to show are moments throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.

Top photo was the night before Thanksgiving. We went out to eat. She was being a little ham.

Here she is Saturday, showing off her two violins. She is so excited about her new violin. We're working on teaching her to hold it properly, as it's a big change from her smaller one.

And here she is singing "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". I kept trying to get the funny part where she goes to say the mama's on the bed and the doctor says , "That's what you get for jumping on the bed". But every time I recorded her singing, she'd just do the proper part rather than her improved one.

Hard to believe that December is tomorrow! It's going to fly by.
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Real Drawing

Ashton loves to draw and color. She grabs markers or crayons and goes to town. I remember late August her drawing of her and Jesus in a rocket ship. It was a bunch of scribbles, but it was so obvious to her and I was proud.

Today though I was over the moon. She used her doodle sketch that my uncle and aunt got her a little over a year ago while in North Carolina. She always doodles on it, but this time I could see it.

She showed me proudly just like every other sketch she does. "Mommy, look a bunny!" And I saw the bunny.

We were on our way out the door. She had her jacket on, but in those moments she quickly drew a bunny. It had ears, eyes, legs, toes, belly button, and mouth! I so wish it were on paper! I hated that there was no way to keep the artwork other than take a quick snapshot. But regardless, I did. And I love this photo of her and her bunny!

I'll have to get more drawing paper so I can keep these little treasures. I have some of her previous artwork, but not her first non-scribbled one. But I know there will be more to come! I can't wait to see what her imagination blooms up.
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trying Out Chopsticks

You know, when you're out and about, and people notice your child doing something attention getting, they'll say how cute or smile, but because you hear/see it constantly you no longer see the beauty in it, but just see it as annoying?

Well, my daughter loves to sing. And that'd be well and good, but it's usually jibber jabber. She sings nonsense. She knows actual songs, "Wheels on the Bus", "Row Your Boat", "Twinkle, Twinkle". However, she doesn't want to sing those, she sings nonsense all the time and it drives you crazy. You want actual songs or silence. She does it in the car, while eating, going to bed, while grocery shopping, just constantly.

This time she was doing it while building with her blocks, and it wasn't irritating. It was like any other time, but it was during her playtime not while we were doing other things, so I was able to sit back and enjoy it, like all those strangers that hear it for the first and only time.

It's funny how if you see something often enough and during times you're focusing on something else you can't appreciate it. I've got to learn that she's a kid and she enjoys the present and to do the same myself and know these are fleeting moments. I may not always get the chance to appreciate it while she's playing and I'm on down time. I should take her childhood, her moments of joy, the essence of her as she delivers it and enjoy the present.

It's amazing how when we get older we lose what we were so able to easily do in our childhood. We learn to worry and focus on the past or future, but not so much in the present and enjoy the "distractions" as they come to brighten our day.

We went out into the blistering cold and snow to have Ashton checked for her violin sizing. Her instructor thinks it maybe time she goes up a size. She's currently in a 1/64 and she may go up to a 1/32! It's a big deal to Ashton.

As we were in the shop we had to wait as they tuned and worked on the violin, all before they even lined it up on her arm! We tried to have her practice on it, but she was so distracted with the snow outside, she wasn't much good on focusing on the task at hand. I think it is the right length, but will need to practice as it's thicker too, and that will take some adjustment. She'll only have 2 weeks with her new violin before her Christmas recital. So I wonder if she'll perform with her new violin or her old violin. And as her first violin is SO CUTE and TINY, when it's fully "retired" I plan on shadowboxing it.

Later that night, while we were out and about, we stopped for some food. Ashton was giddy with excitement because we were getting the first snow of the season and it was coming down fast and heavy. It was beautiful, but not sticking too much to the ground - much to her dismay.

While getting the food I noticed that the restaurant had chopstick holders for the kids. I let her pick between yellow or blue. She chose blue. And she dug right on in to her food happily eating with her chopsticks.

I loved watching her eat with her chopsticks for the first time, even if it was correctly.

She had so much fun eating with chopsticks like her daddy. I would have used them too, but they don't do much good with soup. And yes, later on during the dinner she was singing her jibber jabber.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Do or Do Not, There is No Try

My girl has had lots of trouble sleeping through the night. You wouldn't believe it seeing her here snuggling up with Abigail one of her many fox friends and excited to wear fox jammies that are super soft. But note this is her up and not going to bed yet. She's not much on smiles then.

It's just what it is. My daughter has trouble sleeping through the night. But lately she's had a really hard time of it.

A few days ago, we were in a store and walked by some green Yoda shoes that light up green.

Ashton was in love with them. They were green her favorite color and Yoda is her favorite Star Wars character.

So we tried them on to see if we could find her size; we did. And they were on sale, and I had a coupon on top of that. So I made a deal with my daughter. If she could sleep 3 nights in a row all by herself in her bed and sleep through the night without waking up, she could earn the shoes. She said deal.

She made it two out of three nights. That last night, she was crying and scared. She didn't sleep well at all, She was up most of the night.

But then the very next night she slept through the night, and again, and again. So she has slept 5 nights out of 6 these last six nights.

So this morning I woke her up and put her in a green sweater so she could proudly wear her new Yoda shoes. She did it. I am so proud of her.

I also got her a green yoda watch. She will earn that watch if she sleeps 7 nights in a row! This watch lights up green and has a button to listen to a light saber duel. And this girl loves light sabers!

For those that know Ashton, she's been obsessed with watches ever since I got her a potty watch about a year ago. And she's very interested in learning to tell time. So this watch is major for her. So I really hope she can do the 7 nights in a row.

I hate giving "presents" to get her to sleep through the night, but the sticker reward and chocolate/candy reward wasn't working. So I thought to get her to initially started, we give her some real incentive. And who better than Yoda, who would tell her "Do or do not, there is no try". So when Ashton tells me she can't I always tell her she can and I believe in her. And 9 times out of ten she ends up doing it. Just as I knew she'd reach this milestone and earn those shoes.

So I know Christmas is around the corner, but shoes and a watch for much needed sleep. It's worth it.
Let's see what the next few nights bring. I really would like to see this over-sized watch on her little wrist.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy Times

So the weekend has been full of many ups and downs. Ashton has been really good and on Friday night we decided to eat out as a family to a sit down restaurant.

Ashton was given a kids menu and we got the adult menus. We ordered soup and salad. Ashton didn't want mac and cheese or a cheeseburger, she wanted a soup and salad just like us. And we know our girl, she loves soup and salad. So we knew she'd eat it. So they got her a soup which was about the price of a kids meal, and then she shared our salad. Then she still got the free kid's dessert. Ice cream over a chocolate chip cookie. Ashton was thrilled.

The strange part was she only took a few bites and said she was full. She didn't even get to the cookie. Knock us over!

She was so good we decided to take her to a kids store for fun. Just to look around.

Well, while there Ashton said she had to go potty. We went and she pooped in her pants. I was so confused. She's never done this in the year she's been potty trained. This was so strange. Luckily it only got all over her pants and underwear and not her skirt. So she just wore the skirt and went commando. We went home and I put her directly to bed for pooping in her pants.

We're still working on the back of our house. So I have to keep especially close dibs on the pets and on her. Well, at the end of the night when it was time for her to go to bed, i helped take off her clothes and noticed she peed her pants. This time I was livid. I didn't understand why she was regressing. She told me she didn't want to leave to go. Not that it was an accident. I just told her I was very disappointed and that this was unacceptable.

Of course that night Ashton doesn't sleep through the night and keeps us up most of the night.

So Sunday she and I go to church. (Hubby is home working on the back, whole other story.) I tell her Sunday school teacher that Ashton has been regressing and if she mentions potty or does a dance, to treat her like she's being potty trained. But if any accidents, get me and I'll take her home.

Once the sermon starts the Sunday school teacher gets me. She said that Ashton had an accident, she tried to make it to the potty but didn't make it. She has diarrhea!

The moment she said that a light bulb went off in my head and my heart sank. So since Friday she's been sick, but I didn't realize it. I thought she was regressing and just doing this kind of on her own. I was even rationalizing thinking she was doing this because of all the construction we're doing to the back door, just stressing her out. But this whole time she had the stomach bug.

I went to get her, she was still on the toilet going. I told her it was okay. An accident and that she was sick. I wasn't disappointed in her and that she was just sick, so we had to go home. That broke her heart. She wanted to play with her friends so badly and not go home.

I gave her soup and lots of fluids. And boy, was she thirsty.But she and I had a great time playing with puzzles, play dough, reading, watching Pup Patrol, and being together.

And just to be safe, I didn't let her go to daycare on Monday. Luckily, my hubby took the day off to continue working on the back door. So he let her hang out with him.

My poor girl! She's trying so hard to be good and go potty like a big girl, and I didn't see it. She didn't understand it. I felt so bad. But at least she and I know now and we're working through it. I can only hope she's better tomorrow!
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stunt Girl

Yesterday was pretty cool, but warm enough to spend a little time outside.

Ashton leaped at the chance.

She rode her tricycle for a bit. She "walked" in her skates. But after falling down after three times, she decided she had enough of her skates for one day. And she played on her scooter.

But my girl, of course, doesn't just ride or do anything. She loves to push the limits. Do "tricks".

So I had fun watching Ashton push the limits as four-year-old can.

She rode up and down the sidewalks a bit, then decided to do tricks in our driveway. She first started by showing me she could do it on one leg.

After successfully doing that a few times she then wanted to show me that she could do it with her leg over the handle bar.

She was able to do all these with ease! And she tells me she wants a skateboard! I can just imagine! This girl loves wheels and loves to push the boundaries of EVERYTHING. I am curious to see what will become of my little adventurer.

I love her vitality and independent spirit. Her laughter and enthusiasm are contagious.

And since today is Veteran's Day, at daycare Ashton colored the American flag. I think it's simply beautiful.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Creative Girl

So in case you can't tell, Ashton made me a firetruck. She loves building with her legos. She made Daddy a police car. They're all without wheels, but she's very proud of each vehicle she made. And she always says she's making something special just for us.

I love that she always wants to fiddle and create.

Later on, she decided to "dance". I didn't catch the best moments when she first started, but I got some of it. That's my girl!
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Breaking Down Walls

Luckily, I don't mean emotional walls. I literally mean walls.

Now that my dear husband is home it's on to more projects.We're putting in new back doors and the sliding glass door that we're adding is bigger than the french doors we have. So we have to make a bit more room. So down part of a wall goes!

Ashton was so excited and eager to help. She wanted to use her little hammer, but we knew it was to small to work. However, with her little strength with daddy's big hammer, it didn't really make a difference.

Thank goodness she didn't care that the wall didn't come down or that she didn't make a dent! 

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Daddy Home

My husband has been gone all week for work. And Ashton was thrilled that he came back home. She slept through the night knowing he was back home and I got this cheery girl this morning.

However, she was insistent that I get her photo with her giant panda.

I would have gotten photos of her and her daddy, however, he was exhausted last night and never is awake when we leave in the morning. Let's hope our 4 year old keeps sleeping through the night in her room! She keeps reminding us daily that she's a big girl now and getting bigger.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cutting It

So I went back and forth about this decision for awhile. Do I or do I not cut Ashton's hair.

I wouldn't be having this as a dilemma at all if she didn't cut her own hair in February. I would have just kept her hair just as is as far as I know.

But because she did cut it, the chopped short layer is just hitting her ears now. So I could either just let it continue to grow out as is and it still be lopsided. Or I can get it cut and it'd all be even and perfect. But it getting into colder months and not sure if she could pull it off (as it'd be shorter than the chin bob in a way)... I hesitated.

But I prefer to take a chance. So I made the appointment. I made sure to wait after her birthday so she could wear her Izzy pigtails and I waited after Halloween, so people knew she was a girl.

We went back to the stylist who cut her hair in February. She thought the picture I showed her to model it after would work and look cute. So we went to it.

Here is the shot of the hair I took with my camera while in a store. It got me pondering about cutting her hair like that since.

Ashton was great as I moved her about taking photos of her with her hair tousled about. Now her hair is all even and cute! Can't wait to play with it over the weekend to discover new styles.

For a girl that can't sit still, she was perfect while getting her hair cut. She even sat by herself. She was perfect! I was so proud of her. Her moments when she can be so mature surprise and delight me! 

Hopefully, her new cut will be easy to manage after bedhead tomorrow morning. We shall see!
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