Sunday, October 25, 2015

ZooBoo and Trunk or Treat

As if the last two days haven't been busy enough, today we went to ZooBoo and Trunk or Treat! Ashton made the cutest witch. She was a witch a couple years ago for ZooBoo, but I couldn't resist to do it again.

We went to see the elephant pumpkin smashing. Ashton got a good "seat".

Ashton really loved seeing the warthogs today! She kept saying "Shhh... they're sleeping." and she just watched them sunbathe.

Then of course all she wanted to watch was the carousel. She loved it and has been saving up money in her piggy bank to ride it. And she loved seeing that right now for Halloween season, the carousel goes BACKWARDS! I mean, how unreal is that? She thought it was a hoot!

She got to ride the Zoo carousel FINALLY and got to ride it backwards! She loved it!

She makes this expression a lot. A small purse of the lips. But I never get a snapshot of it, until now. This is so her!

Then it was off to Trunk or Treat. Ashton was so excited to get more candy, because she obviously didn't have enough from her birthday party and Halloween is so far away.

Ashton said "thank you" to everyone who gave her candy! I was so proud of her. She had a great time and was super excited that she got several bogs of her favorite candy, M&Ms. Life is treating her just dandy right now!

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