Sunday, October 4, 2015

To the Pumpkin Patch

Today we went back to the pumpkin patch. Ashton had been looking forward to it all week. And it's been a fun tradition for us. It's amazing how much she's grown each year we'be been to Stony Creek's pumpkin picking.

I had to take a selfie of us girls. I would have added my husband, but he was busy watching the road. It still came out well, we're all smiling and looking straight ahead.

Here is the bridge that takes us from the parking into the grounds. Ashton laid down the map and let us take some photos.

Again another selfie.

We wasted no time and immediately got on the hayride to the pumpkin patch. Ashton was so anxious to get on the hayride. After the selfie, someone took a photo of us, but Ashton wouldn't smile.

As usual, my husband and I were on the search for the biggest, round pumpkin. Ashton however was on the search for the tiniest pumpkin. A much harder search.


Ashton was very unhappy not finding a small pumpkin. But had fun running through the lot of pumpkins everywhere.

Finally, Daddy found her a small pumpkin. It was too heavy for Ashton to carry long, but not too long for her to have her picture taken with it. She had two to choose from, and one though it had a green side, had a rotted stem, so we took the other one. But Ashton wanted her picture with both pumpkins.

After our pumpkin adventure, Ashton went through a haunted house maze and then jumped on the bouncy mat. She did her usual climb of the hay bales. She had a great time. Then she started saying she was thirsty.

Yesterday was the low 50s and today was the high 70s. So the weather was great. So no hot cider. Instead, we opted for a cider slushie! And it was GOOD! We all were "fighting" for a sip. Ashton was not to happy to share her slushie. It was a really tasty one!

Then we headed to the swings and climbing fun and headed home. And once home, our girl wasn't tired a bit. She went on to play with Dawson, who was into kissing her like crazy and playing trains and with her dinning set.

Never a dull moment. It was a great day! I love our pumpkin patch adventures together!

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