Friday, October 2, 2015

Stickers, Hearts, It's All Good

So usually I put a heart on Ashton's hand almost every morning. But this week she's been getting stickers instead. Today was no exception. I put them either on her wrist or her shirt. She's been loving picking out the sticker and where to place it.

However, her night routine has been terrible. Every night has been a battle getting her to sleep even with us sitting there. She just won't fall asleep and when she does she wakes up easily and around 2-3 am she always wakes up crying and screaming to where I bring her to our room to sleep. This has been every night. I don't know for how long. And when I get up for the day, Ashton climbs into my side of the bed and snuggles with Daddy for a few minutes until it's her time to get ready in the morning.

Her lack of sleeping has been one of our biggest challenges. It's not all that bad, we've learned to function and it now seems routine, and there are far many worse things to have problems with, but it's still exhausting and hard. We get little sleep as it takes forever to get her down and by that time it's our bedtime. So we aren't getting any down time.

Regardless, the next week will be hard as my husband will be working out of town and Ashton doesn't have daycare! What a combo. I have LauLau helping out a few days and I'll take off a few to cover the daycare, but having this and no husband, it'll be hard. I'm not looking forward to it. But I am looking forward to no work and spending girl time with my baby.

But until then, we're faced with just getting through being overworked, Khaleesi (she's not out of the woods yet), and lack of sleep. I'm hoping to catch up this weekend. But it the grand scheme of things, I'm very blessed, I'm happy, and it's all good.
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