Sunday, October 11, 2015

Emerald Blaze

Several months ago, I noticed Ashton started biting her nails. It broke my heart on many levels. One, because I myself am an excessive nail biter. Two, because I know it stems from either boredom or nerves. And either could be her answer.

Then quickly her nail biting evolved to skin around the nail biting too. I found out that her daycare provider does that. So Ashton picked that up too. That really worried me. She had the most beautiful nails and cute fingers, now it's painful to even look at.

I tried some No Bite nail polish. Did absolutely nothing. I tried bribing her with little things. Didn't work.

Then I made a deal with Ashton several weeks ago, that if she stopped biting I would buy her nail polish, any color she wanted. She's never had her nails painted and I was surprised she was excited about the prospect. She told me she wanted green. I told her no problem.

Well, it worked! They aren't all perfect length yet, but I wanted to reward her for a job well done. I've had to trim back most of her nails, so that was good enough for me.

So yesterday, we went to pick out a nail color. She was so excited! I would find cute glittery ones that were pastel and muted, but she wouldn't have it. It wasn't green enough. She picked out Emerald Blaze.

It was the darkest green she could have picked out. But she was happy. We didn't have time yesterday to put it on. But made time today. She was very patient about me painting her nails. Though she didn't like the drying time. But once done she wanted to show them off.

I don't know if this will start her always wanting her nails done or what. But for now it's an easy reward for her stopping biting her nails. I just hope she's permanently stopped.

Later today Ashton brought out her spade to help with the side yard. It's been a terrible little gully that has not been leveled and we decided to bring up dirt from the woods out back to help level it out and be a great play spot for Ashton. As she can't play in the backyard (it being woods and a creek), we need all the space we can get her. So we are working on what we can, and Ashton loved to help. She moved rocks. She raked dirt. She found worms. She "made" cakes. She had a blast.

I love that she "helps" and I know she loves to get dirty and be a tomboy, but I do love her helping spirit and believe that her "helping" is molding her to actually do so when she really can in the future. 

And tonight, we possibly hit another milestone. I thought I was being smart in finding a way for Ashton not to sleep in our room anymore and told her she could sleep in her room with her daisy or sleep in our room and give up the daisy forever. She instantly said give up the daisy. She grabbed her beloved pillowcase that is her comfort and gave it to me saying good bye and ran to our room happy as a lark. My plan totally backfired. I never thought she'd ever give up her most precious possession. But she did. So now she's laying on our floor with a pillow and blanket... not asleep, but quiet and content. I don't know if she's training us or we her sometimes. She's so smart and knows what she wants. We'll see where this goes.

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