Saturday, October 31, 2015

Celebrating Halloween

Back in February, my girl turned down my ideas for her to dress up as this or that for Halloween. Who knew that this determined little girl had her heart set on being Toothless the night fury dragon from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon 2". She wanted to be Toothless then and was unwaivered all that time.

The full on Toothless costume was a size 5-7. Way too big for her and not easily paired down for my girl in 2T. So we got on Etsy and ordered custom wings, bought a mask and then I got black everything. Ashton wanted claws and scales, but worked with boots and a jacket.

Ashton LOVED her wings. She kept flapping them to fly.

Not a close representation like Toothless, but not bad. She was warm and could move and that what was important.

We met up with Miss D. and her kids as we have in years past. Ashton was still scared of the Creeper and didn't want to be near him.

This girl had so much energy. She ran to every house! Her enthusiasm was great. I was so glad that the weather was great for trick-or-treating. Not too cold. Around low 50s.

You can barely see him, as I wasn't trying to take a photo of him but of my girl. But to the right, half cut off in the photo was the "star" to Ashton. It was a little boy dressed up as Baymax from "Big Hero 6". Ashton was thrilled to see him. He had trouble going up the stairs to homes, but was in great sprits and was cute to watch as he hobbled around.

We must have trick or treated for about a couple hours! Ashton would have gone longer if we let her, but the rain finally drove us to cut it off. It was a great time and the gad was so heavy she had to empty it out a bit and put some of the candy in Daddy's pockets! We'll have candy ALL month!
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