Friday, October 23, 2015

Birthday Girl is 4!

My beautiful baby girl turns FOUR! My goodness. She was super excited! OF course she was more excited about going to the pumpkin patch, Children's Museum, and getting gifts. But that's what turning four is all about. The fun!

We took the day off work to spend it with Ashton and have some fun. But today was also the day her daycare went to the pumpkin patch. We couldn't well let her miss it. So we made sure that was our first stop.

We had to wait for everyone to arrive, and Ashton seemed to have fun with all the other kids and explore. She entertained us and herself easily.

She said she really wanted to be with her BFF for her birthday, which is Mr. W (see below). We're not sure what singles him out from the rest of the kids from daycare, but he was a sweet boy. We took a nice long hayride to the pumpkins.

Asthon knew exactly which pumpkins she wanted. She was barely at the patch for 10 seconds, and she found her pumpkin. We spent the next few minutes making sure that was the one she wanted, and she was unwaivered. This was THE pumpkin.

We then rode the hayride back to the main area, where there is a big play area for the kids. There's this big spiderweb the kids climb to bridges that go to slides. Ashton ran up it 3 times before any other kids got up it once! She's fast! The other kids kept falling on the web, but not her.

A quick photo of the daycare kids! Best  you can get of them all almost facing front.

There was also a couple of racers. Ashton waited patiently to get her turn. She loved riding it! She was pretty fast on this as well. I don't think my girl does anything slowly other than eating!

Then it was off the the Children's Museum where this year the Haunted House theme was Pirates! Ashton was excited, because she thought it was catered to her since she is planning a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" birthday party. She couldn't wait to go in.

Then of course it was off to the carousel. Her favorite. She got to ride it twice. IT was so jammed packed. It was hard to move around the museum. She was lucky to ride more than once. The line was the longest I've ever seen it for the carousel.

We visited China briefly. Then we noticed it was way past lunchtime and close to naptime. So we headed home. Ashton was so tuckered out she actually fell asleep in the car on the way to lunch.

Once home we skyped with Grampy and opened gifts that were sent to her from around the globe. Ashton loved the presents and the attention. It was a great birthday! Now for the party tomorrow!

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