Saturday, October 31, 2015

Celebrating Halloween

Back in February, my girl turned down my ideas for her to dress up as this or that for Halloween. Who knew that this determined little girl had her heart set on being Toothless the night fury dragon from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon 2". She wanted to be Toothless then and was unwaivered all that time.

The full on Toothless costume was a size 5-7. Way too big for her and not easily paired down for my girl in 2T. So we got on Etsy and ordered custom wings, bought a mask and then I got black everything. Ashton wanted claws and scales, but worked with boots and a jacket.

Ashton LOVED her wings. She kept flapping them to fly.

Not a close representation like Toothless, but not bad. She was warm and could move and that what was important.

We met up with Miss D. and her kids as we have in years past. Ashton was still scared of the Creeper and didn't want to be near him.

This girl had so much energy. She ran to every house! Her enthusiasm was great. I was so glad that the weather was great for trick-or-treating. Not too cold. Around low 50s.

You can barely see him, as I wasn't trying to take a photo of him but of my girl. But to the right, half cut off in the photo was the "star" to Ashton. It was a little boy dressed up as Baymax from "Big Hero 6". Ashton was thrilled to see him. He had trouble going up the stairs to homes, but was in great sprits and was cute to watch as he hobbled around.

We must have trick or treated for about a couple hours! Ashton would have gone longer if we let her, but the rain finally drove us to cut it off. It was a great time and the gad was so heavy she had to empty it out a bit and put some of the candy in Daddy's pockets! We'll have candy ALL month!
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Eve

Today at daycare the kids got to break open a ghost pinata!

Ashton came home with a bag full of candy. She still has plenty of candy from her birthday party and she'll have lots from trick or treating from tomorrow. Oh, all the candy in this house! And she's loving every candy mouthful of it.

So after 3 nights in a row, the peaceful sleeps ended. Wednesday night she woke up once crying around 2:30am. I got her back down and asleep by 3am. I was so tired the next day, but I was proud of myself for not caving and letting her sleep in our room.

Last night, Thursday, was a whole different story. She must have woken up at least 6 different times. My husband took the first 3 and I that latter three. One was even 15 minutes before we woke up for the day! 

I don't know if we're doing the right thing by trying to keep her in her room rather than cheat and let her sleep on our floor. I guess it doesn't hurt to try for a few days this way.

I'm dragging is an understatement. Both my hubby and I just don't know what to do. There's got to be an easy way to get her to sleep through the night. Bribing doesn't make a difference. But this will pass. And one day I'll miss my little girl needing me though the night.

But now I get to enjoy her unlimited hugs, kisses, and "I love you" statements all day.

Ashton begged to go trick or treating today. I told her "Tomorrow" and she'd say, "Today". I reasoned with her that  "It's not Halloween today." to which she retorted, "If I go trick or treating today, it will be Halloween." Silly child!

For her, Halloween and more candy can't come soon enough.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Surprise Treats

After work, we found a package had arrived for Ashton. Andit wasn't a belated birthday gift. It was from Grammy and Grampy. They sent her a little Halloween treat.

There were chocolates, hard candies, popcorn, and all sorts of goodies. The chocolates were gone immediately! Ashton shared them, but gobbled them all up first! She lvoes candy but chocolate is where her heart lies.

And on a totally different subject, Ashton slept through the night in her own room AGAIN!!! Two nights in a row! Wow! So we were very glad to let Ashton have some treats before dinner for being such a good sleeper!

But you can tell for yourself, she was very happy to get the surprise.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

1 Night of Sleep

This might have been a once in a blue moon occurrence; however, it was unexpected and wonderful. For the first time in MONTHS, our big girl slept in her room not our room AND slept through the night without waking up ONCE!


I wouldn't believe it. I woke up several times waiting to hear her cries. NOTHING! It was awesome. I was so excited I let her have chocolate for breakfast! Really! I know, but I was so happy and so proud and wanted to encourage it.

Now will it happen again? Do I dare hope?
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

ZooBoo and Trunk or Treat

As if the last two days haven't been busy enough, today we went to ZooBoo and Trunk or Treat! Ashton made the cutest witch. She was a witch a couple years ago for ZooBoo, but I couldn't resist to do it again.

We went to see the elephant pumpkin smashing. Ashton got a good "seat".

Ashton really loved seeing the warthogs today! She kept saying "Shhh... they're sleeping." and she just watched them sunbathe.

Then of course all she wanted to watch was the carousel. She loved it and has been saving up money in her piggy bank to ride it. And she loved seeing that right now for Halloween season, the carousel goes BACKWARDS! I mean, how unreal is that? She thought it was a hoot!

She got to ride the Zoo carousel FINALLY and got to ride it backwards! She loved it!

She makes this expression a lot. A small purse of the lips. But I never get a snapshot of it, until now. This is so her!

Then it was off to Trunk or Treat. Ashton was so excited to get more candy, because she obviously didn't have enough from her birthday party and Halloween is so far away.

Ashton said "thank you" to everyone who gave her candy! I was so proud of her. She had a great time and was super excited that she got several bogs of her favorite candy, M&Ms. Life is treating her just dandy right now!

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

She Be a Pirate!

Ashton decided months ago, I think in January, that she wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday party. And she never wavered from it. She wanted to be Izzy. So I made sure she got a fantastic pirate party! One of the highlights was her cake!!

It was an amazing cake. The necklaces, telescope, gun, compass, couple of gold coins and pirate bags were toys, but everything else was candy jewelry to eat. It was neat. And the cake was so tasty! It was moist and good and the fondant was sweet too! the sand was brown sugar. LOVED the cake!

Kids started to trickle in. But the coolest part was most the girls were dressed up like pirates!

Izzy with her man, Jake! I couldn't believe how tall the Jake balloon was! He was HUGE!

Grandma has made it to all her birthdays, but really liked this one the best for some reason. She had a really great time! I love that Grandma enjoyed herself!

I was dressed up for about 5 minutes, but since it was raining and the floors were getting slippery and muddy, I changed from my pirate gown to jeans and a pirate shirt. I was too afraid to drag the hem of the skirt through the water and mud. But my husband kept on his pirate gear for his little girl.

These are 3 Sanmenxia girls!!!! They're about a year apart in age and were together at the same SWI. Aren't they the cutest?

They played ring toss on Tic Toc the Croc. Only one kid actually got rings on the nose.

Then they had walk the plank. They got to walk the wide and then the skinny one! Ashton zipped across. Others had a bit of trouble. IT amazes me how more coordinated she can be with her balance over others. It's got to be because she's so much lighter and smaller!

Then it was pin the tail on the Croc. We used my scarf to blindfold the kids. They all had a lot of trouble with this one. They couldn't go straight to save their lives.

Last but not least was pinata time! Kids loved getting to the candy.

As we didn't know where to put the candles on the cake, we bought a cupcake last minute for her candle. It worked out just fine!

Here we are trying to get pictures of our Sanmenxia girls. And of course they were not working with us. Sigh! Maybe NEXT time.

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