Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Colorado Shoot

Finally got our Colorado photos. They're good, but not great. I'm actually disappointed. I don't want to sound negative, but when you pour in so much money for a photographer, you want to be excited and see beauty in the photos. I knew the background would be great, but...

My husband is squinting in all of them. It was mentioned he was squinting, but I didn't realize it was in ALL of them. You would think the photographer would then choose a different time of day so that the light wasn't shining right in his eyes. It was hard for us not to squint ourselves. But a lot of the shots are unusable because Ashton is looking away or one of us is squinting (other than my husband) or a double chin shot, or Ashton's pant set is riding all the way up, etc. But the real kicker... the money I spent on the night shoot. None of them came out. Not one! I'm very unhappy with this photographer! He was very sweet and seemed to be doing a good job at the time, and I did end up with a few good shots, but it wasn't worth the cost we paid. Especially that night shoot... they were all black or blurry! Terrible! But again, we got some beautiful day shots, but just not the beauty captured in our shots the previous years. So here are a few of the photos that made the cut.

This one is my favorite. I love this top shot of my dad and my little girl! This one is great!!!

This one is cute too! Love Ashton upside-down. That's usually the fastest way to cheer her up if she gets sad.

At least we can remember the beautiful scenery and the great company and fabulous trip!
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