Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chili Festival

There was a Chili Festival at church, but of course, though our girl did partake in the food, the hit was the bouncy houses!

She loves climbing, and slides, and all that fun. She would ask us if we saw how high she was jumping. She would be so good though. Unlike most of the kids, she's look over her shoulder and wouldn't climb the steps until she was told it was her turn. I loved seeing her be so patient.

When Ashton found out she could win treats during the cake walk, she was all about it. However, she never won, much to her dismay. What was funny was she kept wanting to go in the middle of the circle.

She loved the obstacle course. Her favorite part was hurtling herself over the red bar. She would always fling her herself rather than crawl over like most other kids. And she'd giggle the whole time. This girl loves to move, run, play, and be on the go! She didn't care about winning just just cared about having fun. She would run back just to jump over this red bar again. She thought it was great!

I'm so glad she had fun. I missed her so while I was gone for 2 different conferences over the course of two weeks. She's been glued to my side since I've been home!
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