Saturday, September 12, 2015

2nd Annual Walk the Wall

Today was the second annual Walk the Wall for Indianapolis. The first one was a great success. I was very curious to see how the second one would compare.

We started off setting up the tent where we did last year. We were so grateful that it wasn't cold like it was last year. However, unlike last year, the parking lot was getting full and not empty. In fact, it got so full, that the cars were pulling up in the grass around our tent. And it wasn't for our event. We found out that there was a Animal Control Conference happening.

So 10 minutes before we were to open registration, we walked the tent and all the shirts, balloons, and stuff down to another spot altogether. We found a different parking lot. It would mean we'd start on another path but rejoin the original path a bit down the way. What's funny is that I think the new spot worked better. I t was across from a playground for the kids to burn off steam while everything got set up.

The walk ended up a great success. Just like last year. However, the icing on the cake was having 3 of our girls from the same SWI in Sanmenxia. Miss C who came last year, wasn't able to attend this year or we would have had 4! 

Here are Miss R, Miss H, and Ashton! I hope we have more get-togethers to get the Sanmenxia girls together! I'd love them to be close.

They are so cute together! We then did one of all the children together.

There are a lot more photos, but we're waiting for them from the photographer. These are the only ones that my husband was able to capture.

Red Thread Photography was gracious enough to provide pictures again this year! I can't wait to see them.
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