Sunday, September 13, 2015

2 Mooncake Festivals in One Day

Yesterday after Walk the Wall we had 2 Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festivals to go to. One downtown and one up in Carmel. It was a mad rush for us. Planning the Walk, then dismantling, then off to see our friends' pizza restaurant they just opened up that weekend, and then off to nap then to the festivals back to back. We barely caught our breath.

Ashton was very afraid to be next to the dragon, but braved it for us to have her picture taken. She looked so good in her qipao dress!

The best part was for $1, Ashton could paint a fan. She used many colors. I helped clean her brush and make sure she didn't paint the tablecloth. She had a blast. 

The fan turned out beautifully. And the funny thing, is that we see actual animals in this fan. We see sea creatures and dragons, and beautiful characters. It sits next to her lantern she did last year at the festival.

Then it was off to Carmel for the Mooncake Festival they were doing. We got to see the dragon dance. They did a great job.

Ashton didn't care for the mooncakes this year as she had the last two years. Very sad. I hope to bake our own version next year. Again, with my busy schedule I totally forgot to buy the molds and try it out. I will make an effort!

During the middle of the performances the host asked all the kids to walk up front to watch a young girl of 6 sing "Let it Go".

Ashton was very sad she couldn't go on stage. She said that she wanted to practice her Chinese dance harder so she could perform for everyone next time.

We were then stopped and interviewed by the Indy Asian American Times Magazine for an article on the Festival. The interviewer was very nice. She emailed me the photo that the photographer took, above. I don't know if they'll publish anything we said, but we spoke about coming the past 4 years, and our adoption and about Walk the Wall. She really liked my necklace that spelled out Ashton's name. It was very brief, but very cool!

The day was incredibly busy, but very fun, and jam packed!
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