Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Explorer

Today was Miss G's 3rd birthday party! Ashton was very excited to go.

Last night, she picked out her gift all by herself. She knew what she really wanted. And Miss G seemed to really like it! But of course Ashton wanted her to share it with her!

Miss G. had a 'Dora the Explorer' birthday party!

Ashton found Miss G's musical instruments and played music and entertained us most of the time. She really got into the maracas! There was a slide whistle she loved. A tiny piano she played. Luckily, there was only 1 cymbal. And there was a tambourine she jammed on. Boy, does this girl love her musical instruments!

Ashton loves being silly like this for almost all photos anymore. It's getting harder and harder to get her to take a photo with just a smile. There are always a lot of outtakes!

They've grown so much together! Miss G's first birthday... this picture cracks me up each time. Ashton tried to console Miss G when she started to cry.

Miss G's first birthday!
Miss G's second birthday!

Ashton asked for cake with green icing! She loved licking all the green icing. She didn't touch the cake.

They had really cute Dora cookies... and of course Ashton picked the green cookie!

Then the girls wanted to go and play outside. I thought this photo of them was precious. What I really adore is Ashton's shoes and delicate way she's standing on them. So girl-like, my tomboy! But she does love her Frozen shoes! You should have seen these two chase each other outside! They loved being silly. And Ashton actually didn't tumble and fall in those shoes.
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