Friday, August 14, 2015

Packing Up to Go

So after work I was planning on going home to pack and get everything ready for our long drive to Colorado.

However, I got a call from my mother. She wanted us to come by. Kai-Li her dog, sister to my Skylar, was in renal failure. And she wanted me to come by and see her possibly one last time. So our family went off to see Kai-Li.

We told Ashton that Kai-Li was very sick and perhaps dying. I didn't want to hold back. If she was going to learn about death, I'd rather it be with a dog she knew but not one she was very close to. But Ashton didn't really ask more than when we'd get there.

This is a dog who is full of life and energy. Instead I saw a very old and tired dog. She was sleeping when we came by. She did perk up her head and loved being scratched. She went out to use the restroom. She looked worn, but still had some spirit to her.

Ashton was bored and enjoyed running the halls. She did poke her head in a couple times, but more wanting to be with her parents than see Kai-Li.

We said our good-byes. It really made me think of my two Tibetan Spaniels. As they were all born on the same day. And I always thought Kai-Li as the stronger will than my two, so would outlive my two. And here they are. How much time do they have? They've really aged in the last year.

But we have Colorado to pack for. And we had much to do. So I just made sure to give Dawson and Skylar a bit more extra attention.

As I packed though, Amadeus was very comfy in my suitcase. I wish I could say it was him asking to go with, but I know him, it was just super comfortable. Regardless, it was cute!

But with everything, we should be ready to go. Colorado here we come!
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