Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Glimpse at America's Favorite Pastime

Today my work provided tickets to us co-workers and family to attend an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. Ashton seemed to know the song, so why not check out the game?

So after work we piled up in the car and took off.

Ashton didn't have a baseball cap to wear like daddy, so she picked out the knitted cap and I added the flower barrette. She was very proud to wear it.

First we ate at the picnic area with my company. While we were eating, a giant brown spider crawled up my hand. I about had a heart attack. It was huge! Luckily, someone killed it for me. We were wondering if it was a brown recluse or wolf spider. I'm just blessed I didn't get bit! Or that it went to Ashton. It took me a bit to sit back down. I kept checking under the picnic table to make sure it didn't spring back to life or have buddies.

Then the Indians mascot Rowdie made an appearance. Ashton was fascinated and scared at the same time. When he'd turn around she'd run under my legs. She said she wanted to meet him, but then ran away when it was her turn. Finally she said she'd take a picture with him if daddy would hold her. So we got the photo. Then she was able to give him a high five as he left.

What's also funny, is I told her he was a red bear, but she kept tell me he was a monkey. But I told her it was a bear because of his stubby tail, but she kept correcting me, swearing he was a monkey.

We made it to our seats and Ashton had lots of questions. When the National Anthem played her first question out of the gate was "Why is everyone not moving?" I think she thought everyone had froze.

Once the game started, one of the questions she kept asking was "What happened?" After the top half of the first inning she asked, "What's taking so long?" Of course she loved opening and closing her seat. She'd go to it then my lap then her dad's. She only ran off down a couple steps once. But most of the time she stayed put in our three seats.

She lasted about 5 innings. Then she was ready to go home.

She said she had fun. Maybe next time she can last a little longer.
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