Monday, August 17, 2015

Family Photos in Estes Park

I like to try and do family photos once a year. Well, at least so far. Our first year I wanted to do them in April right when we got home but didn't get to until August. And man, was she cute! So tiny and so unaware of the camera.

One year later, such a change. She went from a baby to a all knowing toddler. Such a lady! And we got some great photos.

This year when we learned of our chance to go to Colorado with my Dad and his wife. We thought the Colorado backdrop and photos with them would be priceless. So we decided to get them done on day one of our vacation.

And though we don't have the photos back yet, we have photos from our prospective of the photo shoot.

Though we got up early for the shoot the sun was already bright and high in the sky. We were squinting a lot. So I don't know how the photos will turn out, I will just have to trust his judgement.

I can't wait for us to get his photos back. Very interested to see how they turned out.

After the photo shoot we headed back to crash a bit and then we headed downtown.

Grammy and Ashton were laughing very hard on this bench.

It seems that the bench was so cold they were laughing about their cold butts. It totally cracked my daughter up.

Later during our walk downtown we came across this little guy. I said, "Look at the hummingbird!" and Grammy insisted it was a moth. But the wings were so fast like a humming bird and it was attracted to the flowers.

Seems it was a white-lined sphinx, commonly known as the hummingbird moth. Who knew? But he was really pretty. She never stopped flying and darting for us to get a good look at her and it was getting dark quickly, but after searching the internet and seeing photos, I can really appreciate her beauty.

And while we were in one store, Ashton insisted we get her photo with the toy bear that was nearly her size in height! It was so cute that she wanted a photo. So of course her daddy obliged.

The day was pretty mellow. We were going to do a night photo shoot, but the weather was too bad for our family night shoot, so it got postponed. So we just played some games and Ashton watched some of the videos we brought for her to watch. It was a nice easy day.

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