Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chasm Falls, Trail Ridge, and Night Shoot

Today was my husband's birthday. For his birthday he got a hat and utility knife from the in-laws. He put the cap on to set out on the day. We knew we were going to go up to the highest peak where it was cold, so we bundled up.

Ashton looked super cute in her hat and hoodie. She wanted to take her new fox backpack as well.

We set off to Chasm Falls first. Unlike Alberta Falls this wasn't a walk to it, it was more of a drive and your there and while there it was more intense climbing. So, unfortunately Ashton couldn't really go with her daddy and I through the rough terrain. And if you don't believe me, check out the sign.

But the falls was beautiful.

We were able to enjoy it below, where Ashton and Grammy and Grampy had to stay above.

We then took the far less beaten path, which was one-way, up a dirt road to Trail Ridge.

We hoped to stop for wildlife along the way. But we stopped for picturesque views and a bulldozer clearing our path. At the top was Trail Ridge Store and Cafe. We went in to eat. We were famished. The food was disappointing, except for my chili. But we had a great table by the window where we had a fantastic view.

After lunch there were stairs that helped you climb to the highest peak. I was taking Asthon to the top with Grampy and my husband, when Ashton said she couldn't breathe anymore. The air was thin and the wind was whipping across fiercely. I had climbed half way up to the top, but Ashton couldn't do it. I knew it was more important to my husband to reach the top then me, so I turned around to take her back down. I was disappointed not to reach the top, but proud of Ashton knowing her limits, rather than waiting until too late, or whining.

My dad and my husband had a great view.

We then took the two-way, paved road back down. There were still incredible views. But Ashton had enough, and I stayed with her in the car where she ended up crashing.

Though we didn't see any wildlife in the mountains, we did see a deer while driving back to the cabin. It was only a couple cabins down from ours. I yelled stop, and everyone got their phones and cameras out. He just posed and didn't think anything of us.

Back in the cabin we played cards and then headed out for dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday. We ate outside where we could watch and listen to the river go by. We decided to have dessert back at the cabin before we finally headed off to our night shoot. With it being pitch black out in the Rockies, I have no pictures to share of our version of the shoot. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out. I hope it was worth it! never did a night shoot before, much harder, especially with a toddler. It was rather chilly, but the stars were magnificent.

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