Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bear Lake and Alberta Falls

Today we got to do some exploring. We woke up and it was pretty chilly. So we bundled up in layers knowing after hiking we'd warm up as well as the day too.

Ashton was powered to go. We found her a little tiny glass that we filled her OJ in every morning. She'd have about 3 glasses every day. But it was so tiny and cute. I had to get a photo!

Then we were off to Bear Lake. And it was chilly. We bundled up and Ashton who always complains how hot she is, was saying she was cold. So naturally, there was a guy stripping down to his swim shorts to try out the lake. And said, "It's not too cold". We just shook our heads. There's always that one.

The walk around Bear Lake was nice. Ashton even saw a chipmunk at the end, leaving Bear Lake. However, we were looking forward to the hike up to Alberta Falls. That was the real thrill.

There were rocks to climb, trails to go up, bridges to cross, and small waterfalls to see... and lots and lots of chipmunks running about.

Ashton was very fascinated by the caterpillar that was inching along our trail. She was afraid to touch it though.

Ashton wanted to climb many rocks that were climb-able to her standards. Then we'd take shots of her accomplishments. She loved to run ahead and see what was to come.

When she'd run or if a gust of wind would pick up, it was fun to see her cape flying. She was truly a Supergirl! Ashton would get lots of comments about her shirt or cape. It was always positive. By the end of our hike up and on the way down she said, "People like my cape!" She noticed.

While hiking up, I stopped to see on of the off beaten paths. While the rest of the gang was mesmerized by a very photogenic chipmunk. He was one of many that day, but the most friendly, and celebrity like. Loved his photograph taken. He really was hoping to get a treat.

My shot of what I saw of them photographing the chipmunk
 Now none of these photos are cropped. It's just photos of them getting continually closer and closer to the chipmunk.

They just got closer and closer and closer. He was a little ham. 

Up, up, and away!
Now here is a totally different chipmunk. He was interested in Ashton's snack.

When we got to the top of the falls, this beautiful bird was there to greet us. I can't convey how big and fluffy he was. The pictures don't do him justice. He was a very handsome bird. He seemed too big to be a baby bird, but too fluffy not to be. It was perplexing. Maybe it was chilly enough that he was just fluffed out. I don't know.

At the top. And Ashton did great. We were more keeping up with her than her us. She loves to hike and loves waterfalls.

On the way back down, Ashton picked up a big stick. This time not to be a light saber as all the times at home. No, along the way she saw many of the serious hikers with their trekking poles. She wanted one so badly, she picked up a stick and said it was her pole. And of course we ran into another chipmunk.

We then went back to the cabin to rest up some before heading off back to downtown, as the night before most of the places were closed and we rushed through.

However, before we left the cabin, I got a call from my mother. Her precious Kai-Li had a stroke and had to be put down that afternoon. I know how hard it was for her to do that, but knew that she did the right thing by releasing her of any pain. I wish I was there to console her, but my only comfort for her was knowing my brother is there for her now, though we are not.

While downtown, Ashton got a green Estes Park hoodie. I wish they had the same design in adult sizes. She also got a "native land animal" stuffed toy, a dragon! Ashton loved seeing the sights, the water wheel, and taffy being made. I bought a chipmunk ornament for our Christmas tree to remember all the chipmunks we saw during our hike. Estes Park is known for moose and elk, but we only saw chipmunks! We hope to see bear, elk, fox, moose, and other wildlife, but who knows. At least we can say we saw many friendly chipmunks.

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