Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rescuing Ruby

Today was a very neat, special day. Why? Because not only did I meet with someone who I've followed their blog it seems forever, but I also met a great advocate for the voiceless... the orphans. And She wrote a book called, "Rescuing Ruby". It just came out to print. Should be on Kindle soon.

But bigger than all of this, if you can think what is bigger than rescuing Ruby, is their ever devoted faith in God and reminding that his Miracles are at the center of it and to keep glorifying Him and advocating for all the orphans out there.

So I advocate by trying to push Walk the Wall in Indianapolis, which is coming this September. But I can do so much more. But right now, this is where I start and try to help those like my daughter at getting the help they desperately need.

But back to meeting Linny Lee Sounders... and if you don't know who I'm referring to, read her blog if not her book. She has the most amazing outlook and beautiful life. Her blogs are great to read.

We drove across town to meet her, get her to sign a book, hear her talk, and meet her amazing family I've watched grow up on the Internet.

When I arrived I just left the restroom with Ashton, when Linny was going in. We chatted for a good 10 minutes about our children. She was incredibly gracious and sweet.

Then I sat down in the second row with my husband and Ashton. Ashton was very irritable since she woken from her nap. I let her take a cookie from the back and drink some yummy punch.

LauLau showed up and sat behind us. Ashton was so happy to see her.

Of course the moment the talk started, Ashton begged me to take her to the restroom. Life of a mother :) So I missed some introductions and a little bit of the beginning. But luckily, Ashton didn't have to go again after.

Her talk was very heartfelt and real. It didn't seem like it happened outside to a stranger. I felt like a friend was talking about her extraordinary life. I don't know if that's because I've followed her blog for so long, or if it's because we met briefly before she took the podium, or if it was just her personality. I bet all 3, but it didn't matter. It was just awesome.

Her children were selling copies of the book at the table. The lady in line in front of me had her kids sign her book, which I thought was a brilliant idea. So I did the same... and I think many after us did the same. It was so great to have her family sign the book.

Here they are signing my copy of the book.

The miracle herself, Ruby!

Of course, when Ashton met Ruby Ashton began to cry, because she was hungry. But that's okay. I don't think she upset Ruby at all.

I after my mother's turn (LauLau) I got to have my book signed.

I wanted to chat longer, I wanted to eat with the family and chat for hours... but instead we left and took the drive back home.

I hope one day soon, I'll get to meet this amazing family again. In the mean time - I've got a book to read!
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