Saturday, July 4, 2015

Off-Kilter 4th of July

This 4th of July was fun, but had a few hiccups that's for sure.

But first I got Ashton in her dress I bought while we were in China. I have been so excited about this dress and her wearing it. I remember trying to find a smaller size and not able to. But it fits perfectly now and I found the perfect day for her to wear the treasured dress.

I also snuck in a few selfies of us girls before we set off.

We started off having to run a quick errand. We had to return an item. Well, ended up we didn't have the receipt so we made the trip for nothing. We didn't have time to go back. so we just left it for another day. It's always great starting off on the wrong foot. But not a big deal, hardly worth mentioning, but as the day progressed, we noticed a small pattern. And this was the first of many...

Then we got to church where they had a decorate your bicycle parade. They also had the local fire truck there for the kids to try out and enjoy. Ashton was intimidated in the least.

She was in it for only a few seconds because the balloons and streamers were calling her name. She was eager to decorate her bike. Well more like eager to play with the streamers and scissors and have mommy decorate her bike.

Luckily, her "work" kept her busy so her bike could quickly get decorated and out of the way for other families.

She was pretty proud of it and began biking about having fun showing it off and how "fast" she could go. Then she'd go in the bounce house a bit and then back to her bike.

But before the parade could start the fire truck had to leave.

Ashton and Khaleesi weren't startled at all by the siren.

Then it was time to round up the kiddos in a "line" so to speak for the parade.

Then they were off. For her age she went pretty fast.

She must have done about five laps. The kids got to go around the parking lot as many times as they wanted.

She loved the parade. We then had to take the bike and Khaleesi back home and head out to the family reunion.

The ten minutes while there, Ashton begged for "The Croods" to play. She loves it so much. So I let her and Khaleesi cuddled up with her. It was so cute.

But I wasn't happy with her moving the ottoman closer to the TV, so I got them both to move to the couch.

I got more funny and cute pictures.

We got the dogs to take their last potty breaks and got us in the car heading out. I was so happy I remembered the shirts that Ashton made.

We drove off, before we hit the highway, but still about ten minutes out, we noticed we forgot my hubby's 4th of July (red and blue) shirt still in the dryer and the food to take to the reunion. So we headed to the grocery and I was dropped off while my husband and daughter drove off to get the shirt only 5 minutes from where I was.

I waited outside for them to come pick me back up. And a big, burly biker walking in to the grocery smile at me and said, "Hi, beautiful." I said hi back. He then replied, "You make that dress look good." I told him thank you. He never broke stride. And he must have been at least late 50s. But regardless, being notice and told I was beautiful, made my day. I haven't had a stranger complement me in years.

Then my family picked me up and we were on our way across town to the reunion. Well after a good 45 minute drive we arrived at my Aunt's house. Not a car in sight. I called my mother. The reunion wasn't on the west side of town, but south side at Grandma's. So we drove another 25 minutes to the reunion.

We were so late!

Everyone had already eaten. Some still eating. I got Ashton a plate and we sat down and mingled. Everyone got to talking and time past. Ashton was playing with her cousin and going inside and outside and inside and outside. It was exhausting opening the door for her over and over, as the handle was too high for her. But she was pretty much keeping out of trouble.

Of course her favorite part was the cake... well, actually the icing.

We were talking about leaving and getting in the family photos with everyone, as we wanted to get to the 4th of July celebration and have time for games and rides (And we wanted to take Khaleesi as well as it was so cool to see all the dogs there last year. SO we had to allot for time to swing back by the house.) when Ashton came in crying. She had gotten several splinters in her hand! And they were deep. She got them off of Grandma's fence.

So here we were, me holding my girl from moving, my husband with the tweezers, my brother holding a lighted magnifying glass for my husband to get a good look, and my mother giving M&Ms to Ashton to keep her calm. Grandma had a seat right next to us and kept telling Ashton it was nothing to fuss about. It was quite a sight. And like I said the splinters were deep. They wouldn't come out on their own. We had her hand in vinegar for awhile. Then it was operation time.

She had a huge one that kept breaking off, and a bunch of small ones around it. We spent an hour and a half getting MOST of them out. We didn't get them all out. After her hand started bleeding and Ashton wouldn't calm down and stopped taking the M&Ms we stopped.

So family photos were cancelled. All the red and blue would have looked great, but after the crisis, it wasn't worth it. We were again late and had to get Khaleesi and run to the festivities. We wanted to cheer up our brave little trooper who was so scared and hurt.

We got in the car and in one minute my baby passed out.

We hoped she'd wake up in good spirits. We got Khaleesi and headed up north to the July 4th fest where we were last year.

We decided to camp out our chairs first in a clearing we did last year by the walking/biking trail. It was the perfect spot to see the fire works and close to where we parked for a fast getaway. Though last year we did have to wait a good hour and a half to get out of the parking garage.

We were able to get a spot close to where we did last year. But we would have to boggie to get to do the activities before the fireworks started.

Khaleesi was being so good. And she was quite the head turner. Lots of people came up to us and petted her and made over her.

We walked down the bike trail and turned into the festival. There were lots of vendors. But we were making a beeline to get back to the train ride and fun kid activities in the back of the festival. We were there about 10 minutes when the local police stopped us. No dogs allowed! Last year a dog bit someone and ruined it for the rest of us. They said there were poorly placed signs about so it would be easily missed, but for us to leave.

We were flabbergasted. This just wasn't our day. We headed back to our chairs since it was out of the festival range. We sat there while daddy went back to buy popcorn, dippin' dots, and drinks. He said while he did that, he saw 6 dogs in the festival (one even a great dane!). And he even stopped and talked to other local police about it and some of the cops didn't even know about the new dog rule this year! We just happened to be caught by the ones who knew. Oh, well.

We felt so bad that Ashton couldn't make the rides. But since she had recently been on a bouncy house and ridden a pony at the church's block party we didn't feel too, too bad. And Ashton didn't know what she was missing.

Ashton was pretty good waiting for daddy, though she would get up a few times into the walkers or step on Khaleesi's paws.

Khaleesi was so good. She loved the attention she got from strangers. She got a lot of pettings. And she just hung out with us.

When my husband came back with the food we decided to get the best family photos we could. So we each took turns with my camera. We might not have had a family shot of us all together or even an extended family shot, but we got pictures of us on the 4th. Maybe I'll photo shop us all together.

Then the family in front of us, they had some extra glow-in-the-dark fun stuff and gave a green crown and purple stick to Ashton. It was so nice fo them to do so. And it was their kids that handed it to Ashton. They must have been just a bit older than her.

Ashton loved being a princess and would take her purple stick and go "pew-pew" to all the walkers she said were "stormtroopers" passing us by. It was a hoot!


Then the fireworks came. Ashton didn't ooo and aahhh like she did last year. She did like them, but was far more interested in the food and climbing about between our chairs. She didn't just sit and watch like she did last year, but that's the difference between a 2 year old and 3 year old.

Once over we ran back to the car and made it out in record time! It was a crazy day but even with the deterrents, we had an awesome day and made the best of it. But man, were we tired when we got home. Hoping for a relaxing Sunday.

Oh, and here's the photoshopped picture of us all together...

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