Monday, July 6, 2015

My Little Panda

My girl can sleep in any position. It must be nice to be able to do that and not have your neck or back hurt. I think I was like that once upon a time... but I digress.

Ashton has no daycare this week. So today we had Mommy and daughter day and I took her to the zoo.

She wanted to see the penguins and polar bear. So we did. She noticed the polar bear was sleeping and said "shh..." and kept telling the strangers around her to be quiet and shhh.... without the context it bordered on rude. But luckily no one took offense.

We then saw the tigers and koalas and then Ashton noticed the playground. So we headed that way.

I was proud to see her use the ladder. She's getting so big, yet still so little. She was swinging down the slide and climbing ladders. She was awesome.

After the playground Ashton had her heart set on having her face painted. It was something we were planning on doing at the July-fest, but wasn't able to do. So I let her do it here.

She was eyeing the tiger face, but last minute switched to being a panda. She did very well getting the paint on her face.

It was harder for her not to touch her face. Every time she did she got paint all over her hands or fingers or arm, and I'd have to lick my thumb and get it off so she wouldn't touch her cloths or anything else. She did place her head once against glass... face painting is cute, but so hard to maintain on a toddler!

The White Rive Gardens are at the zoo, so I took Ashton there to see where her Daddy and I got married (8 years ago tomorrow!)

Hard to believe our wedding was that long ago... but there she is where we were. The arch is more covered with vines, but it's the same beautiful place. Ashton surprised me that she really was interested in seeing it.

She was being cute and now obsessed with 'The Croods' she did "the signal" that Grug does. She does it a lot now a days.

She makes a great panda!

I loved sharing this special place with her.
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