Friday, July 31, 2015

Little House

A couple of months ago this house went on clearance. We thought is was so cute, we couldn't resist since the price was right. But we had to finish leveling the yard for her to use it. Asthon would see the box and ask when her house would be built. Well, a few months later, and we're still not there. So we decided to build it anyway and let her play with it in the garage while it's still summer and hopefully it will move to it's final place soon.

Ashton loves her house.

It has an outdoor eating area with lights.

It has a dutch door, which Ashton loves.

Windows everywhere for natural light.

She's already moved in furniture... her Darth Vadar chair fits snugly inside. In the back of the house is the kitchen with a sink and stove and basket for fruit.

But Ashton's favorite parts are the bell and mailbox.

She keeps asking if anyone will send her mail. So we'll be sure that happens someday soon. In the mean time she mails herself fruit.

I'm hoping Sunday to take her to find small flower pots and put in flowers at the front of her house. The empty holes just look so bare and lifeless. I'm going to let her pick what flowers she wants as long as it stays within budget. I don't know how well fake flowers will last, but we'll see how they fair.

She hasn't had the neighbor kids over in her house yet. But I bet soon. I can't imagine they'd let her play here all by herself. And I'm hoping that the leveling of the ground and regrassing will happen very soon. The rotatiller has been over the area, but it still needs more dirt to be leveled and then we will need to lay down the sod before the sod is gone for the season. But it's been raining so much this summer, we haven't been able to knock it off.

At least her house is up and I love how it makes the garage smell of cedar. It smells so good. I hate to have the smell leave.

I'm hoping to seal the wood on Sunday. I'll see if I can find a sealant and work on the house on Sunday. That's the plan, anyway.

So more house adventures to come!
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