Friday, July 3, 2015

Kick-start to Independence Day

July 3rd was a holiday for the family, since Independence Day falls on Saturday this year. So we got up and had lots to do. After running around and getting lots of errands accomplished, Ashton said she was hungry for lunch and wanted more of that chicken salad I shared with her earlier that week from a drive thru. I told her that was Chic-Fil-A and she won't eat there because she is scared of the dreaded yellow plane. (I'll get to that in a minute.) She swore she was a big girl now and wasn't scared this time. And roughly about every 6 months we try and she is terrified and can't be at the restaurant.

We decided since both us parents were with her we'd try. We asked if she was sure she was ready this time and she said she was. Last time was about the Christmas holidays, so it'd be worth trying.

So we ordered our meals. Ashton and I shared the yummy chicken salad bowl together and a baked potato. It was so good. I even splurged on a diet lemonade. It was heaven to eat. Then Ashton said she was ready to go into the children's play area. I was wary to go with her and have her scream and run out in tears... again. But I nonchalantly said, "Great, let's go."

Now to most kids and parents, this is a cute little plane. And what you can't see from this angle is there is a cow flying this plane. It's over the children's play-area that is inside Chic-Fil-A. And this plane is terrifying to my Ashton. Can't explain it. Can't rationalize it. But it has made my girl not go in the play-area all this time and she screams and cries... I don't get it. She can climb trees, she watches Darth Vader scenes, she isn't afraid to pet an alligator, but this stationary plane that you don't even notice unless you look straight up... horrifying.

Well, Ashton looked at it and said, it wasn't scary anymore. And like that she started to climb the children's play-area. This is a BIG DEAL! I can't explain it. But my girl facing her fear and playing in that play-area. Huge step. She just went up the stairs and through the tunnels and down the slide, just like all the other kids. No fear. I was so proud of her!

She had a blast! And what was more surprising we told her one last slide after she played a good 10 minutes and she behaved and came to us and put her shoes on to go. I was so impressed.

Then we got home and decided since tomorrow would be a big day, it'd be best to set off the fireworks we had now for her so she wouldn't sleep through it on the 4th.

So right when it started to get dark we got out the fun.

We had lots of different firecrackers from ARMY men that jumped out of firecrackers, to butterflies that spun and fountains. Lots of fun stuff. But the thing that I was most excited about was the green (obviously) Chinese lantern we'd send off. It was huge!

At first we thought it wouldn't work, but eventually after a couple of minutes it heated up enough to lift up and far, far away. It was beautiful. We can't wait to do the Chinese lantern again for other events.

What was great was Khaleesi was with us and loved watching the firecrackers and what-nots. She would bark when they were done whining for more and when they would she'd stop and stare and watch. I just wish I could have gotten better photos of her watching with us. But as it was too dark when I started to take photos of her and Ashton together, they just wouldn't come out. But she would sit there in Ashton's arms just watching. It was so sweet!

I was able to get some really good shots of her with the sparkler... but this one is my favorite.

In this photo I'm expecting to see a patronus, for which you Harry Potter fans know hers would be a fox. 

Then we decided to do a little art project for the family. A friend on Facebook posted shirt she had her daughters make. I loved it so much we bought supplies earlier that day and decided to make some for all the grandparents and Uncle J. So we were bold enough to venture to make 6 Ashton-made shirts.

So we changed her into a tee that could accidentally get paint on it. And Ashton proudly showed her model hand that would help with the t-shirts. I painted it blue and practiced on some paper. As we didn't buy "extra" shirts.

So glad we practiced. Definitely needed more paint on her hand for it to come out well.

Ashton loved making the shirts. But it was hard keeping her hand away from touching me and her foot from touching the ground. We rested her foot on paper, and it'd get stuck to the paper and I'd have to let go of her paint hand to get the foot unstuck and race back and hold it because she'd always drop it and almost get it on my pants. Same thing when I'd paint her foot, the hand would slowly drop down. It was a crazy process.

But definitely well worth it! I think they turned out pretty well. three will go to the family reunion tomorrow for Uncle J., Grandma, and LauLau, one to my father-in-law at a later date, and the last two to Grammy and Grandpy in August when we get to visit together.

Each one was unique. The women's shirts only got 4 red stripes while the men's shirts got five. It just fit better that way. Hope they like it. It was certainly a challenge!
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