Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hitting the Dunes

A couple of years ago, we went to Indiana Dunes. We've been wanting to go back, but between weather and the drive it has to be almost perfect timing to do so. So we weren't able to make it last year. However, we finally could today.

This time we packed sunscreen instead of bug spray and we had Ashton in the right sized swimsuit. In fact it's the exact same swimsuit she wore 2 years ago. And it fits like a glove now. We brought a beach tent to help keep the sun off, we thought we were much better prepared this time.

It only got up into the low 80s so the water was freezing cold! But that didn't stop Ashton. She was more than ready for the beach.

The first things she started doing were leaps of joy! Definitely not scared of the sand like she was two years ago.

Then she got buried in the sand by her daddy to her delight. 

Then she wanted to build a sandcastle... and it quickly turned into getting buckets of water and making "hot chocolate" instead. She made hot chocolate for everyone.

Ashton was a very busy girl, lots to do.

The beach go crowded very quickly. But that didn't slow down our girl at all. I think it only encouraged her. 

Soon she started doing "laps" in the water and was so proud of her "swimming" which consisted of her crawling on her hands along the water and feet floating out. She wanted to be sure that her daddy and I were watching her feat at all times. And we told her many times how impressed we were of her.

She never slowed down for a minute. And as we had a 3 hour drive back we had to leave while things were still in high swing. And Ashton had a melt down. She didn't like leaving her beach. And she tried to go out further in the water to stop us from getting her back on land. I had to walk her back to the parking lot with her crying and kicking her feet. What a fun way to end the day. We had several talks with her about it, hopefully they sunk in.

We thought everything went well. However, on the ride back I zonked out. Turned out I was sunburned. So was my husband and Ashton had a deep tan. The sunblock that we got didn't work. It was a dud! Even with me in the tent most of the time, I ended up with burns across my head, neck, back, shoulders, chest, legs, same with the husband. Ashton luckily doesn't burn like us and just tanned up. But it'd be nice to eventually get to go to the beach and enjoy it without turning into a lobster every time! Sigh!! Not getting generic sunscreen to save money ever again!

I hope we can go back again this year. I don't think it'll happen. We're so busy every weekend through September, but you never know. If nothing else, we'll try and hit a pool sometime and with better sunscreen!
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