Sunday, July 12, 2015

First Day of VBS

My husband went to vacation bible school as a kid. I never did. I don't know if my church's I went to over the years never had them, or if it was too much for my parents to enroll us kids in them, but I don't remember any VBS growing up. So when asked if we would sign Ashton up, I wasn't sure what it all entailed, but I hoped she wasn't too young for it.

We signed her up weeks ago and today saw it partially set up during service for the first day of VBS. Ashton was excited by the balloons.

I had to run over to her to make sure she didn't get "into" the tent. But she loved all the green and balloons.

She sat down next to this guy, by the fire. She was looking at all the fun balloons, when I wanted to take a cute snapshot of her with "Mr. Rogers" I called him. None of the kids knew who that was. So I told Ashton to look up. And of course, it true Ashton style, she literally looked up and wouldn't stop. This was the best photo I could take of her.

She didn't know what VBS was, but knew she wanted to go back to the balloons later that day.

They had t all set up really nicely. When we arrived, There were at least 100 kids in line to register in. The teams were broken up by age groups. The team names were of forest creatures. There were the Snakes, Squirrels, Foxes... Ashton was a Firefly. And her team color (the t-shirt color) that the Fireflies were was red.

Ashton got an XS shirt... which must have been for at least a 5 year old, it was HUGE. So we got a rubber-band to knot it up on the side to make it easier, but it kept falling off her shoulder.

We dropped her off and we had 2 hours alone without her. It was crazy. We rarely are without her. If so, it's for a quick date night about once every 3-4 months or so. So we don't get out much. So what did we do without her? We went grocery shopping. It was so nice for us to both go and not have to keep after a toddler.

We're hoping the next night to get some housework done! Don't we know how to make the most of an Ashton-less 2 hours?

We got back about 5 minutes before pickup and we ran upstairs to watch.

Ashton was having a blast.

She was rockin' out! Of course being darkly lit and up far away, the photos weren't too grea and zoomed video a bit funky in color. But it was cool to see none the less.

When I asked Ashton what her favorite part was, she told me it was the music. When we picked her up she had made a medical kit from construction paper. Inside were band-aids taped to it, cotton balls glued inside and a tongue depressor. She even told us she got to play outside.

I'm glad it went so well. I can't wait for her future VBS nights and see what more she'll do.
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