Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bunny Feet

Yesterday, when I picked up Ashton from daycare I asked how she was. How long did the whaling last after I left.

I was told she was great once I left and headed to breakfast. Misses me like crazy until I'm gone! Geez.

Ashton has a pair of daycare sneakers that she wears to play outside. That way her other shoes last and don't get dirty.

Well, when I went to pick her up, she was outside playing with her sneakers on sort of. They were like slippers. She was crushing the backs and didn't have her foot all the way in. They told me that they're too small now. My little girl is growing.

So the size 5s are now too small. So I decided when we got home we'd try on all her size 5 shoes and see what she's officially grown out of and what she can still wear.

We laid them all out on the floor in front of us. Those that fit went back in the shoe drawer. Those that were too small went in the trash bag to take out of her room.

She'd outgrown a lot of them, but some did still fit (though some snug). And then I went through her future sized shoe tub to see what I had in size 6 or 7 that she could wear.

We found these bunny boots that LauLau had gotten many years ago while we were still waiting. They finally fit. She looked adorable in the boots. Completely impractical, but so cute! Don't know what she'll wear them with. Will have to find some snow bunny outfits this fall.

We found a couple of pair of shoes she could wear, but no new daycare shoes. So we'll have to go shopping for practical sneakers this weekend for daycare play.

Then it was bath time. I love her pirate hoodie towel. She's grown much since she first wore it. It used to drag on the ground. But she's still as charming in it as ever!

This morning when we left for daycare, I put on her heart with "A" charm necklace she got from her Godmother M. from Finland. I also drew another heart on her hand. But told her I wouldn't anymore if she got upset like she did yesterday. And that if she was good today when I dropped her off I'd continue the hearts.

Lo and behold, she ran straight in for a hug from her daycare provider and was all smiles. I was able to drop off and leave! Let's see if this will hold up again for awhile.

Raising a child is definitely a day by day process and some days you leap ahead and others you fall backwards. But the roller-coaster ride is worth it.
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