Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Block Party

Ashton though potty trained has had some "accidents" as of late. Don't know why. But she's not getting to the potty fast enough or is so involved in play she forgets. So we had the potty watch back out again. And she loves hearing the songs. Every 90 minutes when it goes off she has to go the bathroom.

Well, when I picked her up from daycare, her watch was gone. I was told she chucked it over the daycare fence into the neighbors yard where the dog ate it. They didn't say anything about the neighbor's dog chocking or anything. SO hopefully all is okay on that front.

I can't believe she did such a thing. And her being 3 years old I can't get a response as to why. I had come to pick her up and take her straight to the church's block party.

So I took her aside and had a chat right there and then at daycare. Then we got home and we went up to her room. We took money out of her piggy bank to pay for the watch and she has to earn it all back with chores. We took $10 out of her piggy bank. And she had saved up $12 the last couple years. So she has a lot of work to do. Hopefully, I made some kind of impression. Either the value of things or money lessons, or  something. Only time will tell on that one. But no more potty watch. I'm not going to buy and replace it.

She ate all her dinner and said sorry and was good about listening and agreeing to pay for the watch. So we decided we'd still go to the block party.

You couldn't have asked for a better day. The sky was cloudy. Not a hint of the sun. And the weather was low 70s. So no sweating, no sunburn, no rain... it was a perfect day for a block party.

At the block party, Ashton spotted the ponies first. So that's where we went. She got on a large pony named Oreo.

Because of her age I had to walk along side her. But she's been on a horse and other ponies before, so I knew I didn't have to hang on to her. She rode like a champ.

Then we stopped by the petting zoo.

But as they paid no heed to her, she quickly lost interest. Especially since she could eye several bouncy stations. So next was the bouncy locale!

First stop was a race obstacle course. It had two entries for two kids to race one another. Then there were inflatable poles to weave around. Ashton being so small she didn't have to weave at all. Then there was a "bar" to jump over. But not too high as there was another above. Ashton loved jumping backwards so her back fell on the bar and she'd hang upside down. She would just sit there and enjoy the view or the moment then trudge on. The race meant nothing to her. It was the enjoyment of the journey.

Then there were more poles to weave through and stairs to climb. Ashton was great at it. Very resourceful.

Then came the slide which she would jump down or fall down or go head first. She loved it. Then she'd bounce off and go back in line to do it again. She must have done the "ride" at least 10 times. She never tired of it.

Next was a giant slide. She usually ended up jumping off with good hang time before hitting the slide halfway down to actually slide.

There was also a bounce house which she went in a couple times. But it wasn't as much fun as the other two.

Then Ashton tried cotton candy for the first time.

Surprisingly she was not a fan. So Daddy had no problems eating it for her.

We partook of hotdogs and lemonade... but Ashton finally wanted to try the snow cone.  She told me in line she wanted cherry. But once we were there to add the syrup she changed her mind to orange. I got grape and the husband choose strawberry.

We each sampled one anothers. But I must say, I think grape was far superior to their flavors. It was a great treat.

We chatted it up with some of the families we knew from church and had a great time. But before we left, Ashton wanted to ride the pony one more time.

This time she got to ride a small pony named Spirit. She enjoyed it a lot. The hard part for her was always waiting in line and not cutting, though she'd see other kids do so. It was a good lesson to learn.

This put her up past her bedtime. But I think it was worth it. She kept telling me after we left how much fun she had. I'm glad she did and that she was grateful about it.
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