Sunday, June 7, 2015

Violin Recital of "Old MacDonald"

Today was Ashton's violin recital. But of course it wasn't first thing in the morning, much to her dismay. So we had to go out and play for a bit before a bath, lunch, and nap. Then we'd go to the recital.

She loved riding her Beetle around. She usually does. And Mr. D. from next door came by for a short romp. They love hanging out together. They chase each other or ride together. Now, she doesn't flirt or know any of that stuff, but this photo sure does look like I'm looking 10+ years down the future to a girl that knows how to grabs a guy's attention. As cute as this photo is, let's hope that's still years off still.

Ashton loves riding her tricycle as much as her bicycle.

And I got a great video of her how she typically is. Care-free and laughter. This girl loves life and this video sums her up pretty well. And the best part is after the bike crash.

She's proud that she's too fast and she just gets back up again, no qualms. And her laughter just takes off again, not breaking stride. She's awesome!

Then it was a quick bath, lunch, and nap. Then off to the recital.

LauLau was there, along with Uncle J, her Godmother Ms. J and her daughter Ms C. Ashton was so excited to see them. She played a little "practice" then did her solo part to "Old MacDonald". Once the audience clapped she had a huge grin of pride across her face. I wish I captured that on video. But I stopped it too soon so I could clap for her.

Then it was off to Chinese dance class... never a dull moment.
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