Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tinkerbell and Water Balloons

Ashton was excited to go to Miss A's 4th birthday party. We had just been to her sister's party a little over a month ago. But instead of a dress up party it was a Tinkerbell party.

Ashton arrived ready to party and eat candy and cake.

Last minute, it was decided to do a water balloon fight and turn on the sprinkler. Ashton didn't have a change of clothing. So Little Miss A let Ashton borrow one of her outfits.

The balloon fight wasn't much of a fight. The kids threw them mostly at the grass. But the sprinkler was a hit!

Of course, Ashton was mostly excited about the cake and the pinata candy. But regardless, it was fun to see the girls play together.

Wish these girls didn't live over an hour away on the other side of town. It'd be fun to have them play together more often.
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