Monday, June 29, 2015

Sudsy Pool Party

Mr. D turned 4 and had a birthday party. It was a pool party with extras.

First it was just giant squirt guns and water balloons. They had two kiddie pools to play in. But it quickly escalated to more.

They had silly string and bath foam! The kids LOVED it! And the pool party turned messy quickly.

Ashton was sporting a mohawk for part of the time. She thought it was hilarious.

We adults stayed in the garage most of the time for shade and to be out of aims way.

They then got to hit a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pinata and had cake. Ashton was so worn out, and missed her nap, that she feel asleep about 6:30pm dead tired. But of course was up at 8:30 wanting dinner and very fussy. It took a bit to get her back down for the night. But I'm sure she thought the party was worth it!
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