Monday, June 15, 2015


Yesterday was a hot, humid day. It was hard doing errands, because the moment you were outside, they humidity drained you.

Those who know Ashton, know she loves playing with puzzles, anything with wheels, legos, and being active. She does have two dolls, Hannah - a cabbage patch preemie and a baby Mulan doll. She might pick them up and play with them for a few minutes here or there, but it's usually to push them in the stroller (aka playing with wheels).

So what was odd was she noticed her panda bear that she got for Christmas from LauLau. She was a Wowee Alive panda that coos and purrs. And she treated him like a baby doll all weekend. She would turn him on and rock him, cradle him, feed him a bottle. It was adorable. She named him Auggie.

Well, Auggie went on our errands with us. And she talked us into buying him a real baby bottle, as he couldn't keep using Hannah's.

She's already run the batteries out from having him on all weekend! She has been a very doting mother to him. And she loves him making all the sounds. She says he's crying for her, or asking for his bottle. It's so sweet.

After our errands, it was so hot I decided Ashton needed to cool off. So I hooked up her Hello Kitty sprinkler.

She looks so grown up, no chubby little legs in her bathing suit.

She was so adorable in her wading pool.

And now she's got these longer legs and slim little body. Which is funny, because she's the shortest one I know her age, but compare to her earlier years...

What's funny, is she got obsessed trying to fill the watering can up with the water so she could water our flowers. (Which didn't need watering, but she thought they did.) She maybe only got a couple splashes worth from the sprinkler in the can. But she was still proud going back and forth from the sprinkler to the flowers, giving them a small drink.

Then she gave me this, her version of her Wonder Woman pose!

After she decided she had enough, she turned the faucet off herself and got in her robe towel. And with the hood up I thought of Princess Leia. (Of course I would).

Ashton had a fun day goofing around. We even watched another movie together and she made it all the way through. She begged to watch it again. We watched the Croods. Very funny and cute movie!

We'll see if we watch it again. I thought her favorite would be the baby or one of the animals, but she told me her favorite was the Mama. Very interesting. But why not? That's our girl! Growing up so fast!
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